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Notes on how to lock the exposure for backlit subjects on Canon 80D Exposure is related to metering and metering is tied to focusing. But using the Exposure Locking, called AE, through the AE * function (at the back of the camera) one can detach focus/picture taking from metering.  So now it becomes a three-step process, viz., 1) Exposure Lock, 2) Focus, 3) take the picture. To understand the exposure lock, first look at how pressing the focus button locks the exposure but as soon as you refocus on a different subject, it will meter/determine the exposure again.  Try this:  Lock focus using the back button focus, and move the camera around —  the speed and aperture displays in the viewfinder won’t change, even if the lighting does.  And, there’s no asterisk icon in the finder to indicate exposure is locked. Now release the back button focus and press it again and you will see that the  speed and aperture displays in the viewfinder change.   This means that refocusing the subject change

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